Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99

Product origin ningxia,china

Delivery time 10-15 days

It has good solubility, film formation, adhesive property, thermal stability, solvent resistance and reactivity.

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA17-99



(1) Solubility: hydrophilic, easily soluble in water (generally dissolved in hot water above 90), insoluble in almost all organic solvents.


(2) Film formation: easy to form film, the mechanical properties of the film is excellent. In addition to H2O, PVA film has excellent resistance to H2, N2, O2 and other gases.


(3) Adhesion: good adhesion with hydrophilic cellulose, paper, etc.


(4) Thermal stability: when the 17-99 flake is heated to more than 130, the appearance gradually changes. Fully hydrolysed PVA begins to melt at about 230 ° C and decompose above 200 ° C.


(5) Solvent resistance: PVA has strong resistance to weak acid and weak alkali, and has good oil resistance.


(6) Reactivity: with excellent cross-linking reactivity, can cross-link with boric acid, acetal reaction with formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc., the product has water resistance.



(1) The solution prepared by the product can be used as the thickening agent and anti-flow hanging agent of the emulsion.

(2) It could be used for paper surface sizing which can improve paper strength and ink absorption.

(3) The cross-linking performance of the product can be used to prepare various water-resistant adhesives.

(4) For the production of paper and building glue.

(5) Used in the production of polyvinyl alcohol fiber, water soluble fiber.

(6) Fiber sizing agent: film formation performance is good, has the characteristics of soft and tough tension resistance and elasticity, but also has the characteristics of friction resistance, implicity, smoothness, good feather effect. There is no need to worry about corruption compared with starch slurry and mildew rarely happens.

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