The enterprise adheres to scientific and circular development

The enterprise adheres to scientific and circular development


In Shizuishan City, northern Ningxia, a company called "Dadi" relies on the rich local coal, limestone and other resources, introduces advanced technology and management concepts, and calcines 60 yuan per ton of limestone to produce 300 yuan per ton of activated lime. It is then refined into 2600 yuan per ton of calcium carbide and further processed into 13000 yuan per ton of polyvinyl alcohol, The final output of high-strength and high modulus engineering fibers is 18000 yuan per ton, achieving a gradual increase in product added value. This enterprise has invested heavily in achieving automation of over 90% of its production process, as well as comprehensive and efficient recycling and reuse of solid waste, wastewater, exhaust gas, and some thermal energy. It has developed into a modern enterprise with a total asset of 13 billion RMB, integrating various operations such as electricity, metallurgy, energy chemical engineering, fine chemical engineering, and building materials.

The ten large sealed calcium carbide furnaces used by Ningxia Dadi Recycling Development Co., Ltd. are the core of the entire Dadi Company's calcium carbide chemical industry, with an annual output of 700000 tons of calcium carbide. At the same time, the annual average waste gas generated during the production process of 400 million cubic meters is fully reused for the production of methanol, liquid ammonia, and ammonium bicarbonate. The carbon dioxide generated in the production process of synthetic ammonia is fully recovered, with an annual recovery capacity of 100000 tons of carbon dioxide, which is used to produce 60000 tons of dicyandiamide and 3000 tons of monocyandiamide products. The comprehensive recycling and utilization of exhaust gas is equivalent to saving 180000 tons of high-quality anthracite annually, which can generate a profit of nearly 200 million yuan per year.

After forming a complete closed chain in water resource recycling, Dadi Company can save 8 million cubic meters of water resources annually, save over 35 million yuan in water resource tax and pollution discharge tax, and reduce sewage treatment fees by over 10 million yuan. The company has developed a new type of cement special process formula with independent intellectual property rights through technological research and innovation. It will digest more than 2 million tons of solid waste residue and waste generated in the production process, and use it to produce cement products with low alkali, high strength, and low energy consumption characteristics. The annual sales revenue of cement can reach 300 million yuan. The company recycles the heat generated during the production process of calcined limestone for subsequent production processes, which can reduce heat emissions by 9.9 billion kcal per year. The exhaust gas and waste heat generated during the production of carbon black, one of the raw materials for tires, have also been fully recovered and utilized.

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